PLM Standardization

We are currently working on:

  • STEP AP242 edition 2
  • STEP extended Architecture
  • STEP AP242 Benchmarks

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Standards & Interoperability PLM (Product life management)

A test bed for evaluation of standard implementation in industrial collaboration use cases.

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EDF commissioned AFNeT and AFNeT Services to set up a taskforce for the industrialization of the wireless sensor network technology developed with its partners within their Connexion research program. As part of this taskforce, EDF, Inria and Telecom ParisTech are transferring their rights. This demonstrator is based on Open Source code, industry standards and security requirements that can be audited by ANSSI. Starting with the use of the demonstrator experimentation in 2017, the objective is to develop a common set of specifications to request professional solutions and support from software editors in 2018.

See ConnexSensors presentation EN / FR
For more information, please contact Erwan Livolant

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