Industrial sectors

Your Supply chain is competing worldwide with your competitors.


PLM integration in the value chain is the next challenge for innovation.


Improve your supply chain collaboration with your suppliers.

Secured Collaboration

Boost your digital collaboration with your partners in complete confidence.


The digital twin is a key leverage for services performance.

Our positioning

  • AFNeT Services is dedicated to the development of the Extended Enterprise (Information System that links the prime contractors to their full supply chain).
  • We are a consulting firm in digital collaboration strategy. We help you to choose and implement your solutions.
  • We intervene in all the consultancy stages from the conception of the projects to the deployment of the solutions for our clients.
Our Positioning

Our differences

We favor Visibility, Modeling, Prototyping and Standards

  • A visual communication: Sharing clear representations of the project to guarantee an optimal monitoring for our clients
  • The use of models: Proposing robust solutions by using models in the development of our solutions.
  • The use of prototypes: Reducing risks through future processes simulation thanks to prototyping.
  • Priority to standards: Maximizing the chances of collective adoption and best practices application through the use of standards (processes, format, data, architectures…).
Our Differences